One-North is a perfect location within close proximity to East-West and Circle Lines Interchange


Blossoms by the Park condo was created according to an agreement that was signed by EL Development. It is located close to The Buona Vista Station of the MRT It is also located close in the One-North technological Biomedical Hub as well as the one-north-technological. The most recent version for the Hub is called One North Technology Hub. The building is home to 405 new housing units that are being constructed for residents living in the region.

One-North is located in a perfect location and is within close proximity to two MRT stations, particularly The One North and Buona Vista (Interchange of the East-West and Circle Lines). Shopping malls allow you to sell your products to people in general. They are malls that make up the bulk of Blossoms by the park, comprise three malls: Rochester Mall, The Star Vista and Holland Village. This convenience store is home to banks along with stores, pharmacies and banks.

Blossoms By The Park map is located in One North District 5. It is situated near Slim Barracks Rise, Next to NTU Alumni. One-North was created in 2001. It was initially named after Jurong Town Corporation. Jurong Town Corporation was Singapore’s Research and Development (R&D) and High-Tech Cluster. The cluster was divided into 9 distinct areas. They comprise Pixel, Wessex, Rochester Park, Nepal Hill, Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis, Vista and LaunchPad which constitute One-North. One-North is located close to two major motorways that are both vital.

Students who are in school or considering having children will be delighted to know that the region has world-class schools and universities that have an impression. The institutes and schools in the region include Fairfield Fairfield Methodist School, ACS School (Independent), Singapore Polytechnic, INSEAD, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and world-renowned National University of Singapore.

It is near to numerous malls, shopping centers, and shopping centers. Additionally, it’s a short walk to shopping centres like The Star Vista that is located near The Rochester Mall. The malls provide a range of options, including cafes as well as stores and restaurants that will satisfy your needs. It is possible to walk along the main road that is component of Holland Village. Holland Village is a town that offers a wide range of choices. It is renowned for its lively nightlife that includes bars, cafes and eateries that offer authentic nightclubs. It’s the perfect spot to relax with your loved ones or family while sipping coffee and making preparations for the next day. Breakfast is a wide range of options that will please your needs.

It’s also the principal site of a number of parks that are both recreational and commercial. These park is modern, advanced research facilities, which offer the perfect environment for researchers who are involved in the development of novel ideas or conducting scientific research. Parks were established at the start period of JTC. JTC time period. JTC is now synonymous with Singapore’s fast-growing business sector. It’s now the site known as the site that has the highest concentration of industries. Its growth is due to biomedicine research and the most current research into the field of information and communications technology.

The unique work-live-play-learn-learn-play environment allows the integration of developments that are focused on industry together with communities for residential, lifestyle opportunities and educational institutions to create a stimulating and inspiring environment for creative minds to work together and innovate.

If you’re looking for something exciting and new, Gillman Barracks is just five minutes away. It’s located in a city which is alive with energy. It’s the home of a number of museums and art galleries that are operating all the day. In addition, these structures serve as cafes, restaurants and bars.

The region is home to a variety of companies which operate in the area. It’s located in the region that is known as “the of Pasir Planned Zone within Panjang which comprises Science Park, National University of Singapore and Mapletree Business City.

It’s just the most one (or the majority) and is not like each of them . If you’re planning to construct your dream home that you’ve always wanted to build in the region or that region in everything in the Pasir Panjang region to help to boost the development of the region, Slim Barracks is a great alternative. Slim Barracks developments are situated close to the main areas in the region. Residents are specialists that are situated near to one another across the globe.

Sunway Developments Pte Ltd has been involved in the construction of large-scale projects like the Terra Hill Condo


Terra Hill completion date is among the top-rated neighborhoods within District 5. It was established in collaboration together with Hoi Hup Sunway Ridge Limited. It is one of the best well-known developers across the United States. It will be an open-air development which is expected to be completed in 2026. It is located in a property situated close to Yew Siang Road, Singapore.

Terra Hill isn’t just an famous area, but it’s also a popular choice among the residents. Modern appliances create an elegant living area due to the extravagant interiors that are adorned with modern kitchen appliances and other kitchen appliances. The different kinds and styles of kitchen appliances are available in modern designs that are perfect for modern-day living. They are sought-after throughout the world.

Terra Hill is different in its distinctness from other communities. It was created as a residential community that is distinctive in its own distinctive style. This is why Terra Hill is one of the communities that has the most expensive properties that are built using freehold.

It is brimming with modern amenities like spas, restaurants fitness centers, gyms and spas in addition to gyms and spas. Its Clubhouse as well as the landscaping, as well as Jacuzzis can be enhanced through the swimming pools. The advantages of this brand new development are many.

The area is made up of many establishments that cater to the requirements that consumers require. Schools and malls as well as natural and organic parks that have medical facilities as in addition to leisure and retail establishments are everywhere in these regions.

The area is located just 5 to 5 mins away from The Central Train Station in the middle of Downtown. It is located near facilities that allow residents to enjoy peace and quiet. The area is popular with those who are looking to purchase property or build a property to buy.

The Central Business District is situated just two minutes away to the property and allows employees to move about quickly and efficiently. It’s also easy to move around since the property is linked to numerous MRT stations which include Haw Par Villa MRT and Kent Ridge Park MRT. The property is also connected to major highways. This includes highways like The Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and The West Coast Parkway.

The school is excellent quality. There are numerous schools across America. District 5 located along the East Coast in New York is among the most sought-after schools. It includes students from the high school in the School. District 5 houses to a number of elite schools, that utilize the latest technology to assist students in their academics. Schools such as Blangah Rise Elementary School Invictus International School, ACS International, Nan Hua Primary School and The National University of Singapore are among the best options.

Terra Hill Floor Plan is designed to give enough space to satisfy the requirements of prospective tenants. One bedroom and multiple space. Terra Hill definitely is one of the most luxurious homes which is designed to satisfy the requirements of prospective tenants.

The living space is component of the living area and is divided into distinct areas. These rooms have been planned to create the impression of being warm and cozy which allows you to have an unwinding and tranquil time. The interior of the house isn’t the typical styles are found in it. It’s modern and sleek. It’s modern and stylish.

It’s the perfect spot to unwind and take in the amazing view of the central region that is bustling with activities. It’s the ideal place to relax and soak in the street lights that shine stunningly.

The initial property was known as Flynn Park. The property was acquired via an auction. The property was later sold to by a single buyers. property was later privately sold to the buyer. Property could be sold at a later date due to the agreements made by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. The two developers comprise two developers of the company that has built Ki Residences and sold more than 600 units prior to closing. Based on the amount houses sold Terra Hill is expected to be sold out by the next few days.

Hoi Hup Real property It’s a small property that is home to numerous projects that have proved to be profitable for the owners, like Sophia Hills, The Ford and Waterford Residence to name just some of the many.

Sunway Developments Pte Ltd in it’s entirety was an associated company to a major Malaysian MNC Sunway Developments Pte Ltd was named after the initials of Sunway Group. Sunway was the one who founded the company. Sunway was the father of the company and also the creator of the Sunway Group. Sunway Developments Pte Ltd is a developer and has been involved in the development and construction of large-scale projects such as Sunway City.

Live an active and healthy lifestyle at Copen Grand


Copen Grand at Tengah Garden Walk will consist of an indoor polyclinic, an open-air marketplace within an open area. It will also house F&B stores as well as enrichment centers, food establishments in addition to retail stores. The area will also have areas that children are able to enjoy and also educational zones, as well as residents’ committees. The facility will also feature an area that will allow everyone to feel as a part of the neighborhood.

City Development Limited is among the largest real estate firms that trade their shares in conjunction with Singapore Exchange. It is among the biggest companies, having greater than 100 sites across the globe. Its portfolio includes commercial and residential hotels and shopping malls, retail hotels and a wide range of hotels properties.

Choose a location where both your children and parents are able to enjoy. If you’re in search of an opportunity to relax after a long day of working, studying or just relax There are plenty of places that allow you to unwind. This includes places like shopping centers , schools and eating establishments. There are plenty of options to choose from.

The housing being constructed within Tengah City is situated in an environment that is well-maintained and clean. To maximize the impact of natural resources for the overall health and well-being of those living in the region, HDB has applied its Biophilic Town Framework to increase the use of natural resources that are being used and also to build an entirely new community within Tengah.

Copen Grand EC is located inside three MRT stations that form part of the entire Jurong Region Line. Three stations comprise comprising Tengah (JS3), Tengah Plantation (JE1) and Hong Kah (JS4 ). The fourth station in the MRT is situated within The Jurong Region in Tengah Park (JE2 ).

Copen Grand EC can be situated within a two-minute walk from Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station. It is just two steps away from KJE and within close proximity to The Pan-Island Expressway (PIE).

Four stations and four stations are joined to form four stations which are integral parts of the MRT. The brand new Tengah Town is expected to be the first city in the world completely free of cars. The idea came from submerged roads in the city. This isn’t just about creating spaces that are covered in dirt as well as the waterlogged. It’s about creating areas that are suitable for recreation or for shopping. It’s also designed to aid in the growth of the central region to create a tranquil area that is safe and safe for those who travel through.

A sports complex as well as a space for community centers and an indoor polyclinic are under construction to improve the quality of life for the region. The property extends over a 2 km area. Copen Grand EC, URA has donated 12 acres of property to facilitate the expansion of facilities, as well as growing the size of the schools. Three schools are situated in the property. The Shuqun Primary School and The Elizabeth Primary School and The Princess Elizabeth Primary School sit 2km apart from each other.

We appreciate your support for Copen Grand EC located in Tengah Town so it is only a few minutes from medical facilities as well as an athletic club that encourages the desire for an active lifestyle , and also sets the foundations of living an active and healthy lifestyle. Tengah EC is situated within the towns that are located in the area. It is located close to major transportation hubs as well as other facilities.

Most expensive 7.5 acres located near Tampines North


Tenet is located near Tampines North MRT is expected to be finished in 2029. It is located within 2 minutes from Tampines North MRT. Tenet is an excellent alternative for people who travel via the TPE. Tampines Expressway (TPE) because it is near it. Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and is also close to it. It is also near the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) will increase the connectivity between the various regions of Singapore.

Tenet contractor is Qingjian Realty & Santarli Realty Pte Ltd is the most expensive bidder for this best site.

Tenet EC might be the next company to join together with Tenet EC release date 2022. The buyers can expect the latest models and appliances named in honor of Tenet’s E-Cell , which is expected to be completed by the 2026 year. The brand-new Tenet EC at Tampines St 62 is situated within the belt of condominiums which comprises two condominiums currently situated in Tampines consisting of The Trilliant and Citylife.

The renowned developer continually seeks out innovative ways to create well-planned and designed homes that reflect the homeowners living their lives. The year 2013 was the year when Qingjian Realty led the industry in terms of flexible layouts.

This was aided by an introduction to the revolutionary CoSpaceTM idea of design. Qingjian Realty paved the way for a future that is innovative for Singapore with the launch of The Visionaire, Singapore’s first executive residence with intelligent homes. The Visionaire was launched in the year 2016.

JadeScape is a highly-praised massive development that was launched in the year. It opened the door for the creation of an urban area that is bustling with residents. The project set the bar to be higher in 2020. Forett was the largest freehold property which emphasized the interplay of modern design as well as lush vegetation.

Santarli Realty was founded in 1983 as a general contractor. In the present, Santarli is one of the most reliable companies within the Civil Engineering, DFMA & PPVC Solutions and construction industry both in the private and public sector.

Alongside Tampines North station of the Cross Island Line to open in 2030, and the in the works ITH (Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) residents at Tenet EC will enjoy an excellent connection. Tenet is the perfect place for families that want to strike the right balance between work and family. The brand new EC is located in district 18 in Tampines Sreet.

Tenet EC is popular with people who are looking to buy it because it is located close to Tampines North MRT Station. The new MRT station is in close proximity to various malls, such as IKEA, Giant, COURTS Megastore as well as Giant Food Centre. Giant Food Centre.

The brand-new executive condominium is just a few minutes from Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) which is just 10 minutes from Tenet. To locate schools close by, there’s Coral Secondary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, Elias Park Primay School, Tampines Meridian Junior College and Temasek Polytechnic.

Tampines North Boulevard Park

Take a breath of the fresh air in the morning on 7.5 acres that are situated on Tampines ‘ North’s Green edges. It’s a remarkable and seamless link from Sun Plaza Park to Sungei Api.

Find a place where your life – and the lives of your family members – can flourish in. No matter the activities you’re planning to study or work, there are many places to study, businesses hubs, and retail outlets that are readily available.

Tampines North Station and the upcoming Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that will provide unbeatable access and convenience throughout the island. Businesses can be served by Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre as and the established Tampines Regional Centre. Future prospects for your children are secure thanks to the schools in the vicinity that are accredited. These comprise Poi Ching primary school, Gongshang Elementary School and Elias Elementary School.

Tampines North Hub

As an extension of Tampines Town, Tampines North will be a secure and healthy community in which residents can be able to live and work in, study or work as well as enjoy themselves. Residents will enjoy an array of facilities and activities in the Tampines North Hub, which is set to open in some years. Tampines North Hub is the new plaza square. It will also include a arcade and mall that will be completely Green. A bus stop.

More Information about Developer

Qingjian Realty is the division that deals with real estate development inside Qingjian Group Co. Gingjian Group was founded in 1952. Its primary focus is the real estate development of properties and the management of capital and logistics and designing and providing consulting. Qingjian Realty was among the 15 businesses in China that received the turnkey housing contract that is backed by top quality certification. Qingjian was placed at 227 on the “Top 500 Chinese enterprises”

Since 1983, since 1983, the company began to expand internationally and sign contracts for projects around the world. In the present, the company operates over 30 nations which comprise Asia, Europe and the America.

Qingjian’s initial DBSS construction project situated inside Singapore, Natura Loft (Bishan) is awarded the most prestigious award in building “Singapore BCA Greenmark Awards”. Other projects include River Isles, Bellewoods, Nin Residence and many other.

Sceneca Residence’s diverse unit types for everyone to find a residence that suits their needs


Sceneca Residence is an upcoming 99-year leasehold condominium launch project that is located the frontage of Tanah Merah’s MRT station in District 16. It is an mixed-use development that will include private apartments, with communal facilities , and approximately 265 housing units.

On the ground floor there are retail space with a total of 220 square meters. The supermarkets are allocated an area of at least 1,000 square meters, which is around 10,700 square feet. There are approximately 265 housing units on the higher levels.

In the serene region located in Tanah Merah, with numerous restaurants and shops in Singapore Expo, Changi City Point and the top-of-the-line Jewel Changi Airport, it is located in a prime area between Sceneca Residence and Sceneca Residence.

It is expected that the Seneca Residence phase 2 launch of its unit will have the same direct connection for the MRT station, as does the remainder of the building, allowing the unit a partial integration. This makes for a convenient life, the community is protected from trains as well as the grocery store food stores, restaurants, and other shops.

Next to Tanah Merah MRT Interchange

Its Expo MRT interchange station, which is also connected by the Downtown Line, is just an easy walk of Tanah Merah MRT station. It is expected that the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will be extended to the Central Business District (CBD) and the northern part of Singapore in 2024, linking to the Expo MRT station to it. In the urban redevelopment authority’s (URA) master Plan 2019 The Changi Region appears to be an economic superpower with the coming Terminal 5, Changi East Industrial Zone and Changi East Urban District.

Key Selling Factors

  • MCC Land, a well-known developer is constructing Sceneca Residence.
  • The current needs of residents can be met by a variety of facilities.
  • Residents don’t need to travel far to satisfy their needs as their the amenities in their neighborhood are reach.
  • A short walk will take you to Tanah Merah MRT Station.
  • Just a few MRT stations from just a few stations away is the Paya Lebar Regional Centre and the Central Business District (CBD).

Winner (MCC Land) submitted an offer of $ 249,000,000 (approx. $930 psf per square foot ppr) to purchase the Tanah Merah Kechil Link mixed-use project. The Sceneca Residence is located in Tanah Merah Kechil Link and has an area proportion of 3.0 and is spread across 95.549 sq feet (sq feet).

Sceneca Residence condominium has a suggested breakeven between $1,480 and $1,540 per square foot. The initial price could vary between $1,700 and $1,800 per square foot.

New Standards of Luxurious Living

Sceneca Residence’s variety of designs ensure that each can find a home that is suitable for their needs.

Maximize Capacity, Functionality and Efficiency

With a well-planned space you can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. With flexible and adaptable designs for living, the units offer innovative solutions.

You can live in a space that you can identify as your own

Every home has the capacity to be creative and innovative You’ll find one that’s perfect for you.

On the ground floor there are retail space that can be as large as 220 square meters. The supermarkets are allocated at least 1,000 square meters, which is approximately 10,700 square feet, and approximately 265 housing units on the higher levels.

The surroundings provide a stunning setting for a place you can claim as your own that is equipped with modern facilities and unique architecture complemented with stunning natural landscapes with water and ponds.

The Tanah Merah Kechil Mixed-Use project received bids from 15 companies and MCC Land putting down roughly $249 million (approximately $930 psf per square foot per per). Sceneca Residence Sceneca Residence has a plot ratio of 3.0 and has a total area of 95,549 square foot (sq feet).

Sceneca Residence Sceneca Residence condominium has a expected breakeven of $1,480-$1,540 per square foot. From $1,700 up to $1,800, the cost of starting can be different.

Sceneca Residence Location


Sceneca Residence Sceneca Residence is the ideal residence for those who work in the downtown area and who travel frequently for business due to its location within the CBD as well as Changi Airport.

Its close proximity to the MRT station Tanah Merah is an attractive featurethat can provide future residents with substantial advantages. There is a Changi Airport branch line terminates at this station, which is an interchange along the east-west line. Tampines, Paya Lebar, and Changi Business Park are all in close proximity to the residents.

Additionally there is the Expo MRT interchange is connected with the Downtown Line, and the MRT station is only 1 stop from the station. In 2024 the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) will be extended to Expo Station, giving Singaporeans access to the city’s central and north.

Residents of the Sceneca Residence Condo may travel across other parts of the surrounding area as well as Singapore due to the numerous major expressways and arterial roads. Bedok Plain, Bedok Highway, Bartley Road East, Upper Changi Road, Bartley Road along with Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Pan Island Expressway (PIE) are the main highways that traverse the region.

Shoppers can access Orchard Road shopping malls and Orchard Road retail area in less than 30 minutes using an vehicle since it’s near to the workplace. Residents have access to services for the community, including malls and schools thanks to an improved infrastructure for transportation, making their lives much easier.

Nearby Amenities

Bedok is a favored neighborhood for outdoor enthusiasts due to its thrilling outdoor activities. Outdoor and indoor living within Sceneca Residence Singapore. Sceneca Residence Singapore offers all the amenities you could want. The highly regarded East Coast Park and Bedok Reservoir Park are only a short distance from the Sceneca Residence should you be a water sports lover.

Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park is a excellent spot for water sport enthusiasts and runners, located just 7 minutes of Sceneca Residence. Kayaking, wakeboarding as well as dragon boating, are one of the many thrilling water sports that are available. Anglers can try their luck fishing, while fitness enthusiasts may take advantage of this parks 4.3-kilometer trail. The park offers the perfect setting and benches for your requirements if you’re looking for a relaxing spot and get away from inside.

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is at the top of the list of Singapore’s top urban escapes. Cycling, camping, skating and fishing as well as others water activities are accessible along the gorgeous beach that spans 15 km. On a nice afternoon, Sceneca House families may visit to unwind, enjoy lunch and play a variety of games.

Sceneca House at MCC Land is an excellent option for those who wish to be near their house, regardless of whether they’re sweating a lot or just want to relax for a few hours. Massages and swimming at the Ayurvedic Spa are among the numerous activities outdoors, such as ziplining in the Forest Adventure Park.

Shopping Malls

Changi City Point, Singapore Expo, East Point, Bedok Point, Jewel Changi Airport, Bedok Mall, and many other commercial stores provide people who love shopping an easy method to shop. Furthermore, these shopping malls offer a variety of F&B and retail outlets, as well as the 40-meter-high HSBC Rain Vortex.


A number of educational institutions are situated within The Seneca Residence. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to be able to call this home if you’re a kind of parent who puts an emphasis on your children’s education. Bedok Green Primary and Secondary and Saint. Anglican High School, South Secondary School, Singapore University of Technology and Design, ITE College East, Temasek Junior College along with Bedok South Secondary School are among the schools Anthony attended.

If you are looking to lease an apartment to foreigners there are two foreign schools close to Seneca Residence and you’ll have a great pool to rent out to your tenants. Tampines is a short drive away from the Aljunied’s Nexus International School, is the location of United World College South East Asia (East Campus).

The schools close to Seneca Residence are:

  • Anthony’S Canossian Secondary School
  • Anthony’s Canossian Primary School
  • Bedok View Secondary School
  • Bedok South Secondary School
  • Branwen Arts School
  • Temasek Junior College
  • Anglican High School
  • Bedok Green Primary and Secondary
  • Temasek Secondary School
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • ITE College East

Health Care

The residents of the Tanah Merah’s Sceneca Residence need not be worried about the nearby medical facilities in the event emergency situations. Residents are able to easily access hospitals and clinics within the region for comprehensive tests and more advanced treatment.

The closest health facilities include:

  • Parkway East Hospital
  • Nyam Family Clinic
  • Oasis Family Clinic
  • Nuffield Dental Simpang Bedok
  • Raffles Medical Group
  • Faith Clinic
  • Klinik Omar
  • Sheng Clinic


  • Bedok Reservoir Park 1.7km
  • East Coast Park 1.8km
  • Jewel at Changi Two MRT Stations

The URA Master Plan of Bedok

A number of Singapore’s earliest HDB flats and neighbours are located in Bedok however, they also offer a variety of views. Beautiful beaches, tranquil reservoirs as well as a range of health and recreation services are available in the downtown area of the region. Bedok as with every other city, ought to be self-sufficient and enjoyable to live in, as per URA’s Plan for the Draft Master Plan. Schools, parks and community amenities medical services, and retail services will be improved in the coming years.

New residential developments as well as recreational facilities and other amenities are planned in the development plan. The plan will make the living conditions of the community more comfortable.

Lentor Modern bid will increase by 4.5% higher than the second highest bid at an estimate of $775 million


Lentor Modern Lentor Central is located in Singapore’s Northern Region of Singapore, near Florissa Park, Lentor Drive and Yio Chu Kang Road, it’s situated in the region which includes Ang Mo Kio, Thomson, Yishun, Sin Ming, Central Water Catchment and Bishan.

Lentor Modern encompass 17,279.9 square feet. It’s roughly 18,666 square meters. The size of the property are 3.5 and encompasses 60,480 square metres (or 651,003.5 acres ). The site is planned to accommodate commercial and residential structures at the mountain’s top. The project is expected to completion in 2022. Lentor Modern is anticipated to be completed by the second quarter of 2022.

Lentor Modern Condo can be situated just two steps away from Lentor Modern Condo are just two steps away. Lentor Modern Condo are just two steps to. property and is located just five minutes away from Lentor MRT Station. Residents who reside within Lentor Modern amenities will benefit by having easy and quick transportation for Singapore City in addition to The Singapore City region in along with the other regions of Singapore via the public transportation system. Lentor Modern property is located near the Lentor MRT Station. Lentor MRT Station. The station is expected to closing by 2020. In the coming moments, Lentor residents will accessibility to the Thomson East Coast Line and enjoy a speedy and safe commute into Singapore’s City region and the other regions of Singapore through public transport.

Thomson East Coast Line expected to begin operating in the near future. People living near the line will have to travel through seven stations before arriving at the final station, which will be a part of Orchard MRT. It’s located within Orchard MRT. Orchard MRT exchange. It is situated within Orchard MRT. Orchard MRT is managed by Thomson East Coast Line. Thomson East Coast Line in partnership with the Thomson East Coast Line, North South Line.

There are amenities, including the Infinity Pool Spa lap fitness pool as well as the sundeck in the gym. Grills for barbecues are provided as are yoga areas, spa facilities, as well as the bar and clubhouse located at the pool as well as The restaurant. The outdoor space includes reading coves and the surrounding landscape. It is a sporting area and is a wonderful place for a stroll. From the beautiful gardens to the vivid colours that line the streets. In the city, there is a bustle of events that happen within the vicinity. Each day can be an incredible moment to kept in mind.

GuocoLand is part of billionaire Malaysia Quek Cheng’s Hong Leong Group. The speculation is that the price will rise by 4.5% higher than the second-highest offer, which was estimated at $775 million. The cost is $1152/square foot, that is one% from the whole region. GuocoLand is situated in the province that is part of Intrepid Investments. GuocoLand belongs to Intrepid Investments. property is part of the greater collection of properties which includes Hong Realty, TID Residential and Intrepid Investments. Kwek Leng Beng is the owner of Hong Realty. The sole proprietor of Hong Realty, is the owner of Hong Realty, is the owner of GuocoLand. property. Hong Realty is the property of the Quek family. Chan Leng Chan. Hong Realty is also responsible for managing Chan Chan’s personal business , which is a significant component of Hong Leong Group Singapore. Hong Leong Group Singapore. Hong Leong Group Singapore.

Residents can also visit Ang Mo Kio Hub located in Ang Mo Kio Town Centre. There are numerous eateries in malls, where shoppers can enjoy a stroll along the wonderful streets that are Sembawang Road.

Schools situated in the immediate vicinity of the condo at Lentor Contemporary Condo include CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls School (Primary), Ai Tong School, Ang Mo Kio Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, Peirce Secondary School Bishan Park Secondary School Mayflower Secondary School Saint Nicholas Girls School (Secondary), Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, that is connected with Yio Chu Kang School.

A few of the best-known, highly-respected , and highly-respected schools in the region are Ai Tong School, Chinese High School, Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls’ School and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School.

Lentor Modern Singapore The Lentor Modern Singapore is located in an area filled with the scent from the fresh breeze. It is the home of Bishan Thomson Bishan Thomson Nature Parks, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, Lower and Upper Seletar Reservoir Parks.

The construction is developing plans to convert the GLS Lentor Central site into the open-air construction site that will include more than 25 levels of housing which are higher and suitable for commercial use. In addition to F&B and retail shops, it could be possible to build an area that could be used as a market and an area that can be used for care for kids. It’s 11,000 square. feet.

Due to the growing HDB sales market as well as the increasing need for HDB upgrades as well as the sale of units which are expected to boost the number of HDB upgraders who are contemplating Lentor Modern to be possibly one of their options. The announcement of Lentor Modern is anticipated to encourage the building of condos to be completed in 2022. Therefore, it is expected that buyers for Lentor will grow. Recently, it was announced there would be a debut for condos. The launch also included the purchase of 421 condos at The Calrose in 2005.

Sky Eden@Bedok has been one of the most desirable home for families in Singapore


Sky Eden@Bedok is a unique mixed-use project in the district that covers 16 acres. The development has retail space on the ground , as well as houses on top of the structure.

Sky Eden launch offers a range of services appropriate for families with children. You could spend time with friends and family in the barbecue pits enjoying your friends and family in the barbecue pits , or using all the pits for a grill or take a swimming class to meet your fitness goals at your gym , or observing your children’s play on the massive playground designed especially to be used by children. There’s plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

The developer has purchased Sky Eden Bedok. Sky Eden Bedok site which is valued at around $108 million. It is likely that this is why Sky Eden Bedok is amongst the most sought-after trusts in property investment. Due to its status as an developer with a range of houses around the world and also having some the best value properties within Sky Eden.

The trip between the airport up to Sky Eden@Bedok is an easy process for those who’s property is located close to Sky Eden’s main transportation hub. Residents can enjoy satisfaction and peace of mind from an enjoyable and safe transport system that includes taxis taxis, buses and taxis available via MRT East West. MRT East West. MRT East West route.

Sky Eden Sky Eden is easy to gain access to if you reside within two areas of Pan Island Expressway as properly as the East Coast Parkway as nicely as it’s located just 15 minutes away from Central Business District, which is located centrally in Singapore. Central Business District.

Sky Eden@Bedok, a popular area with numerous facilities to ensure that you’re in the best shape you can be. There are crucial commercial services that are just two steps from your residence and you’ll have the ability to access all the amenities available to families can avail.

Although it’s situated in an area that is central it’s still a short distance away from the bustle of urban living. Sky Eden@Bedok’s residents are away from hustle and bustle of city living. This also means that, it is easy to access and convenience it makes the property is a perfect place to unwind after a long day of work.

Sky Eden@Bedok’s site is located just 5 minutes from Bedok MRT Station Its ease of use on this site is unmatched. The developer will benefit from the ease of building properties that are comfortable and appropriate for houses of all types of sizes.

to provide the most straightforward purchasing experience. Sky Eden@Bedok is extensively praised by the media as one of the top areas to build your dream home you’ve thought of. It’s easy to walk to nearby restaurants , as in addition to shopping malls and shops. Residents must have internet connectivity.

In a town that is expanding at the expense of Bedo accessibility to meals and beverages isn’t the only reason. Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre (4 4 hours on foot) It is situated in Bedok Eighty Five. There are numerous cafés and restaurants that are situated within Bedok Eighty Five. Percolate is a fantastic restaurant. Momoya Japanese Cafe, Nakhon Thai Kitchen Fengshan Market and The Food Centre can be all reached within less than a half hour.

Sky Eden placed in Bedok is an ideal option for families who are considering moving from Bedok with their kids. The top schools for children can be found close to in the Sky Eden, as there are numerous choices to choose from. Kindergartens and workmates, and the many. Ping Yi Secondary School, Fengshan Primary School and Red Swastika School are some of the schools that comprise Sky Eden. Sky Eden.

Nature lovers who live within the Sky Eden@Bedok area are certain that they’ll discover something they like in the area. Bedok Reservoir Park and East Coast Park are both accessible to residents and provide them with the chance to relax and unwind over weekends.

Sky Eden@Bedok is within 5 minutes of Bedok MRT and is an exchange for buses. It’s a simple connection of two lines that run between both the East and West whenever you have to relocate. Automobile owners are able to join making use of Bedok Central Road, New Upper Changi Road, East Coast Parkway and the Pan Island Expressway. There’s also the option of joining to Central Zone. Central Zone of the city, and other zones that are vital to.

There’s plenty to learn about. Since it’s an urban zone and is home to mixed-use facilities, you can cut costs and enjoy several restaurants within the location without the need to relocate. If you’re in search of eateries that are near your house and reachable on walking, you’ll discover that Bedok Mall is within Bedok Mall is only five minutes’ walk from the mall. It is home to numerous restaurants establishments, eateries and establishments as well as there are also places to relax. Furthermore there is there is the Bedok Sheng-Siong Store Bedok shopping complex, and well as Djitsun Mall Bedok. Djitsun Mall Bedok are easily accessible via feet.

The wide range of choices available, such as food stores, grocery stores in supermarkets, shops , banks and libraries in stadiums banks, supermarkets, and stadiums, as well as other facilities that aid in the learning of children. The recreational parks of East Coast and Bedok Reservoir are great for those who like outdoor and sports. Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport is only three MRT stations from the typical tourist.

North Gaia EC is about 2km from Yishun MRT station at the border of Yishun town


North Gaia EC developer Sing Holdings is a new executive condominium that is located at the intersection of the Yishun Avenue 8.8 along with Avenue 9. The development is just a few minutes walking distance from Junction 9 where residents have access to the restaurant, restaurant and supermarket in addition to retail shops. Nearby are Northpoint Mall, Canberra Plaza, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Sun Plaza Mall. The project covers a site area of 21,518.8 sqm and is expected to result in around 616 apartments.

It’s a fifteen minute stroll towards Yishun MRT. There are four train stops from Bishan Interchange that allow you to switch onto the Circle Line to get to the Downtown Line and North-East Line.

North Gaia EC is located just a short distance from Junction 9 that gives residents access to the restaurant in the food court as well as the supermarket and shopping. The project encompasses a site that covers 21,518.8 square meters of land and is anticipated to provide about 617 apartments. It is located about 1.2 kilometers away from the town’s center and is the location where Yishun North-South Line Station and Yishun Bus Terminal are located.

Yishun MRT runs a train line that runs south-north that connects each Jurong East Interchange and Marina Bay. Schools nearby include Yishun Elementary School Chongfu School and Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School. North Gaia Executive Condo is situated close to several business hubs, including Yishun Bizhub Woodlands Regional Centre, Seletar Aerospace Hub and Yishun Industrial Park.

Join in a delightful family meal in the lush and comfortable location of the barbeque and dining pavilions which surround the themed garden. Gather around the pool and eat to your satisfaction. You can also discover aromatic and urban gardens that permit traditional dining from the table. Refresh your senses by enjoying any of the many options for water features, and soak in the serenity of your body and mind.

Everything you need to be healthy is right in the front of you. Enjoy a swim in the 75m pool Pool or exercise at the Aqua Gym or make use of the 24 hour Gym with breathtaking images of the pools.

The highlights of North Gaia EC

1. Excellent investment opportunity due to its proximity of Seletar Aerospace Park

2. A short walk will take you to many restaurants and food courts, market stalls in the food court as well as convenience shops.

3. Short trip 3.Short trip Yishun MRT Station, Bus Interchange and North Point City Mall.

4. Nature and parks surround you.

5. A great rental opportunity that is near in proximity to International School and Seletar Aerospace Park.

6. Many recreational facilities are in the vicinity, including: Yishun SAFRA, Sembawang Country Club, Orchid Country Club and Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

7. Close major expressways, including Tampines Expressway (TPE), Kallang-Paya Lebar (KPE) and Central Expressway (CTE ).

A sense of ease and sophistication is felt each when you enter your luxuriously furnished residence. The natural lighting of your home is reflected by shining from wall to the wall making it a spacious and spacious area. The elegant home will show your appreciation of the most beautiful objects available.

This is evident in the top-quality luxury finishes, and the flooring tile in the bathroom master, and the living and dining spaces, which provide the perfect touch of elegance and class. Design meets needs by integrating storage spaces into in each unit.

North Gaia EC offers two collections that have been carefully planned with two bedrooms and a large one. top-quality apartments, and massive three-bedroom homes that are as well as high-end Penthouses.

The word used to describe the houses of North Gaia EC is luxurious. When you first enter the living areas, you imagine an urban oasis that is an unwavering commitment to modern living.


In 1964. Sing Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) is an property investment and construction firm that has been listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange since 2007. The company has demonstrated experience of developing assortment of properties such as landed homes, condos commercial, and industrial structures.

The Group’s prior housing projects include Robin Residences at Robin Drive, Waterwoods in Punggol and The Laurels at Cairnhill Road. For industrial commercial and commercial projects, the Group has built BizTech Centre which is situated in Aljunied Road, EastGate building along East Coast Road and Ocean Towers in Shanghai that is a high-end Grade A office building in Shanghai China, which is the People’s Republic of China.

North Gaia EC is located at the border of Yishun town, which is about 2km from Yishun MRT station. It is the most modern EC site within the region which is being offered through the GLS since 2014. It follows The Criterion (completed 2018) and Signature at Yishun (completed 2017) There may be insufficient needs.

It’s coming up to follow Symphony Suites (completed in 2018) that been sold at an average of $1118/sqf for 2021 from the date. Nine Residences forms part of the mixed-use project with retail and residential units at Yishun Avenue 9, completed in 2015, was sold for the price of S$1,167/sqft in 2021 to date.

North Gaia EC have everything within your reach, including connectivity to shopping malls, schools and community centers, neighborhood parks, and other. North Gaia EC is only 5 minutes of Junction 9, a neighbourhood shopping center that is home to Sheng Siong Supermarket. There is a wide range of eating establishments, fashion shops and other retailers.

Get exclusive facilities for residents specially designed for the physical and mental fitness of guests and complete rest. Allow your loved ones to experience some of the pleasures of a holiday getaway while enjoying the familiar surroundings of home.

Enjoy easy access to the other parts of the island via the North South Line


This review is about The Commodore condo. It’s a 99-year leasehold development located at Canberra Drive in District 27. Oasis Developer Pte Ltd will develop it, a subsidiary company of JBE Holdings Group.

It will be a 5-storey block of 219 units with 1- to 5-bedrooms. The land area is 143,325 square feet (13,315 square m). The Canberra MRT station is just 3 minutes away, as well as Canberra Plaza are both located within walking distance of The Commodore condo.

The Commodore @ Canberra, a private residential development developed by The Commodore main contractor  JBE Holdings, is a new project.

The Developer JBE Holdings

JBE Holdings was founded in 2004. It has a wide portfolio of private, executive condominiums and landed housing developments. These include The Luxe, in prime District 9, Signature in Yishun, and The Oasis Of The North in Sembawang.

It has more than 15 years experience and is one of Singapore’s most respected residential real estate developers. They are committed to improving the lives of homeowners by creating sustainable and high-quality home designs. It strongly believes in bringing the best property innovations to market while keeping the rich heritage of Singapore behind every development.

The land area of 13.315.3m or maximum gross floor area of 18.642 sqm, The Commodore @ Canberra will be able to house 220 homes.

The Commodore’s Canberra MRT Station is less than 300m away. This station gives residents easy access to all parts of Singapore via the extensive MRT network.

This development will likely be the most affordable new launch in Singapore with a price tag of $129.20million. That’s $644 per square feet per plot ratio (psf per plot ratio) In comparison, the winning bid to the site of the Watergardens in Canberra was $270.2million or $650 per square foot PPR.

The Commodore is a great value proposition for investors and homeowners. It has a low entry price and is less than five minutes from MRT.

Key Attributes for The Commodore Condo

  • A rare low-rise condo development beside an established landed housing estate
  • Excellent transport network, just 3 minutes walk from Canberra MRT station. Close to major expressways.
  • Access to schools and other essential amenities is easy
  • Bukit Canberra is a short walk away, an integrated community and sports hub.
  • You will find a peaceful and green environment that is surrounded by nature parks like the Sembawang Hot Spring, Sembawang Beach park, and many others.
  • The North Region is thrilled to see the Mandai Zoo transformed into an integrated nature-wildlife park
  • The nearby Sembawang Shipyard was transformed into an exciting waterfront district.
  • The potential for property investment is high with the transformation of North Region into Singapore’s largest regional center

Compare the value of your insurance policy to another company’s regulations

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Your house is one of the most precious assets, and it’s crucial to protect that advantage with great insurance. However, how can you be certain that you’ve got a fantastic homeowner’s insurance coverage? And just how can you understand exactly what you ought to avoid? These suggestions will provide you the info you want to make decent insurance choices.

One Bernam location enjoys an excellent location given its closeness to 2 MRT stations.

A whole lot of tenants don’t consider purchasing renter’s insurance. The arrangement is normally shielded already under the proprietor’s fire protection, their coverage will not insure your possessions. You ought to get your own renter’s policy to be certain everything you’ve got is insured.

To ensure you are paying the smallest amount in your homeowner’s insurance, at least one time every year. It’s also wise to examine your current coverage and indicate any changes which might have happened which could decrease your premium.

In case you’ve got recreational amenities on your backyard like pools, spa tubs, trampolines, or other contraptions which will likely cause harm, these may increase your insurance premiums, even occasionally by 10 percent or even more. Think about this when making a choice about buying a house with these items, or adding to it.

Installing and maintaining a high quality home security system may decrease your annual premiums by 5 per cent or more.

A security system ought to be connected to central station or even a police station. To get your own insurance priced reduced, you may, probably, have to give evidence your machine is up and functioning. This may decrease your yearly premium by five percentage.

If you would like to decrease the purchase price of the premium that you pay for home insurance, there are numerous things you can perform. As an example, if you’re adding onto your property, think about a cement or steel framework, which is less to guarantee then wood.

In case you were considering moving to a different place, this automobile insurance tip could just be the icing on this cake. If you’re in a place with a lower crime rate, you are going to get favorable coverage and will finally pay a lot less than those who reside in high-crime places.

Vacant home insurance may be more expensive in a month compared to normal homeowners insurance prices for annually. If a relative can not remain in the home, think about renting out the property, or swap free rent for home sitting services to prevent having a house sit idle.

Even though a higher deductible might indicate you will be liable for small repair prices like broken windows, even more frequently than not these prices are balanced by the savings you’re going to get on your yearly premiums.

Home proprietor can help protect your house from an assortment of issues. When there’s harm that’s done to your house, it may be covered and paid for utilizing your own insurance. This may include lost and damage property against theft or perhaps a few crises that are specified. Every home owner needs to have a policy.

This provides you the price of a complete rebuild of your house, irrespective of what ruined it. Among the greatest benefits of this is that if inflation occurs in the building marketplace, the insurance provider is going to be the one to bear the excess costs.

You ought to think about the rise in house insurance you will face should you put money into a swimming pool or trampoline to your premises. These things are deemed insecure and will probably increase the price of your premiums by approximately ten per cent or more for your year.

Stay cautious over the price of your home insurance premiums by performing an yearly check of your policy bills, and seek estimates from different businesses to make certain that you’re paying the cheapest prices. Your insurance does not always automatically reflect adjustments which may decrease your prices, so you would like to be certain any reductions for including alarms, sprinkler systems or eliminating a swimming pool have been implemented. Staying mindful is the very best way to save cash!

Before you obtain a policy using a real estate insurance company, make sure you check at reviews of the business. The reality is, some companies are simply better and more honest than many others, and you don’t wish to get stuck with a coverage by a less than perfect homeowners insurance business.

You want to consider the price of insurance when you’re likely to remodel. If you’re adding space to your property, you would like to call your insurance carrier and tell them the particulars. Wood will be more expensive than steel or concrete structures to assure as it susceptible to fire and unpleasant weather damage.

It is important to spend some opportunity to guarantee that your homeowner’s insurance coverage is a great one. Now that you have read this guide, you’ve got suggestions which will lead you through the insurance procedure. Make the time to examine your insurance plan from time to time.

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